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Friday, August 29, 2008

Johan Dennelind new DiGi CEO

DiGi has appointed Johan Dennelind (pic) as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), replacing Morten Lundal who will be leaving DiGi effective on 31 March 2008. Morten Lundal is not extending its contract with DiGi, which has now gone into its 4th term, and will be joining Vodafone. Vodafone, the largest telecommunication network company by market value which has base in London, was previously Manchester United’s football team major sponsor.
Dennelind was recruited by Lundal in 2004 as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and later served as Chief Marketing Executive (CMO). The outgoing CEO, Lundal was considered a key person that has propelled DiGi in the telecommunication sector in Malaysia and under Lundal’s leadership, DiGi attained its status as one of the most popular mobile network providers. In 2006, Morten and Datuk Abdul Wahid Omar of Telekom Malaysia (TM) were announced joint-winners of CEO of The Year Award. Morten’s departure will be a loss to DiGi.
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Vincent + Joanne

Adam Ong on Work!

hey Adam, lucky i got ur picture also..hehee

dear all, he is a nice person... someone looking for romantic picture can call him or browse his blog

Monday, August 11, 2008

Malaysia Media Conference 2008

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Hehee~~ finally Done!

hey Kelly Lee, ur album finally done GONG XI GONG XI...

sorry Lar... i know taking very long time to process...

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Congratulations on the launch "MARKETING"!

Hey Ham, Congratulations on the launch of your second magazine, "MARKETING"! Bravo! From McCain Photography