Saturday, March 22, 2008

My 1st wedding in Singapore ~ Andy & Audrey

As I am only a freelance wedding photographer (without an office or studio, & no one help me to pick up phone call and replying email) , I never thought I could have a chance to be part of a big wedding. This is my 1st wedding in Singapore - the reception at Sheraton Towers Singapore!!!Thanks Andy and Audrey’s trust on me. Thanks for chose me as ur photographer on your most memorable day!

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Andy and Audrey said...

My gosh! Where should we begin with Mccain? Firstly, apologies for this very belated testimonial Mccain. It has taken us this long to settle back in to "reality"!Anyways,thanks so much Maccain for your fabulous work at our weddings, both in Spore and KL in March this year!Even though we only met you for the first time on the day of our Spore wedding,your professionalism, much appreciated flexibility and shear talent in photography have blown us away! Its so obvious that you are doing what you love, and your passsion shows in the photos you've taken for us. Thanks so much for being part of our wedding entourage! The photos and album came back just so beautifully and of such fantastic quality! I would definitely recommend your services to others!
Andy and Audrey